Zinc-flake coatings are sacrificial coatings which contain zinc and/or aluminum elements that oxidize sacrificially to ensure the substrate of to which they are applied remains corrosion free. These coating systems were designed for automotive and industrial parts that require greater protection than what standard paint and other coating systems can supply. 

Today, these are the preferred coatings for fasteners and other parts in the automotive industry, as they offer various advantages:

  • Resistant to extreme temperature variations¬†
  • Conduct electricity well
  • Depending on the pre-treatment used, they do not introduce hydrogen embrittlement like in standard plating
  • Good appearance
  • Very good protection against corrosion (240 - 1,500 hours, depending on specification and coating thickness)
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good friction characteristics (on bolts and nuts)
  • No warm-loosening torque
  • Other assembly properties

Auto Parts





Panels and

Structural parts