Specialised in Paintshop Engineering

We are more focused and passionate about our work than any other company. Our attention to detail and passion for paintshop engineering ensures that we produce exceptional results everytime. The standards we have set for ourselves provide us with the benchmark of the quality which is maintained or surpassed by our team in every plant that we design at Rdevis.

We offer a range of professional engineering solutions for paintshop, powder coating, plastic painting, CED coating, robotisation and other services specially designed to meet the varied needs of customers as per their requirements. Rdevis offers turnkey solutions for automotive cars, construction equipments, railways, 2-wheelers, appliances, plastic painting, UV metallising, zinc flake coating and meeting global automotive standards for component suppliers across the globe. Rdevis also delivers plants confirming to environment laws.

We offer green solutions and treatment facilities for efficient disposal of exhaust gases and residues, reducing energy consumption and ensuring high process reliability.